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200-125 Cisco Certify Network Associate (CCNA) Practice Exam

200-125 Cisco Certify Network Associate (CCNA) Practice Exam || Get Certification
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200-125 Cisco Certify Network Associate (CCNA)

Sample Questions

Q) Which three statements are TRUE regarding a Local Area Network (LAN)? (Choose three.)

a) A LAN is confined to one building or campus.

b) A LAN can cover great distances.

c) A LAN provides fast data transmission

d) A LAN is easily expandable.

Q) Which of the following features is used with the ip nat inside command to translate multiple devices in the internal network to the single address in the IP address pool?

a) static

b) override

c) overload

d) dynamic

Q) Which feature enables a host to obtain an IP address from a DHCP server on another subnet?

a) DHCP relay agent

b) DHCP BOOTP agent

c) DHCP relay protocol

d) DHCP BOOTP relay

Q) What is the default administrative distance of a static route?

a) 90

b) 0

c) 1

d) 110

Q) Which of the following statements are true when discussing link state and distance vector routing protocols? (Choose all that apply.)

a) After convergence, routing advertisements are only triggered by changes in the network with distance vector protocols

b) Packets are routed based upon the shortest path calculated by an algorithm with link state protocols

c) Distance vector protocols send the entire routing table to a neighbor

d) Link-state protocols place a high demand on router resources running the link-state algorithm

e) Link-state protocols use hello packets and LSAs from other routers to build and maintain the topological database

f) Link-state protocols require a hierarchical IP addressing scheme for optimal functionality

200-125 Cisco Certify Network Associate (CCNA) Practice Exam
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