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Learn 20 Psychospiritual Tools for Change

In-Powerment: Sourcing from Within
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You will survey 20 specific psychospiritual tools to implement into your daily life. These tools work at the level of cause starting with our thoughts. As we think healthier thoughts, and choose new beliefs, our lives begin to change and take on new shape. We begin to live from in-powerment: creating from within, and then manifesting our visioned reality. Watch the intro video to get a sense of what we will co-create together to concretely change your life as you apply the featured techniques, and begin to experience the very best!

This self-help course will teach you 20 practical tools that you can implement today which will change your life as you utilize them.

I draw from over 20 years as a Licensed Psychotherapist and spiritual healer, seeker, and teacher.

I share mentors, books, teachings, websites, and where to buy the items that I use in my daily psycho-spiritual practices.

You receive websites and access to the practices that I use and teach in my personal and professional lives.

You will learn:

1) Using a Pendulum

2) Crystal Grids

3) Creating an Altar

4) Forgiving Others: Ho' oponopono

5) The Power of Affirmation

6) Meditation

7) Releasing and Replacing Fear Based Thoughts

8) A Course in Miracles

9) How to use Card Decks

10) Create a Morning Routine

11) Segment Intention

12) The Role of Gratitude

13) Consciousness- What is it?

14) The Value of Mentorship

15) Self-Forgiveness

16) Inspired Actions vs. Efforted Actions

17) Visioning Your Future

18) Prayer- What it is and What it is not

19) The Role of Angels

20) "In-powerment:" Sourcing from Within!

Learn 20 Psychospiritual Tools for Change
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