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How 20% a Month is very Achievable with Options Trading

You'll Learn to Make Consistent Monthly Income Through Options Trading in Bitcoin and the US Stock Market
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Proven strategies using options trading to make well over 20% monthly return in Bitcoin and the US stock market
How to use options trading to generate consistent monthly profit

Options trading has been associate with complicated and only reserve for sophisticated traders. However, it is the secret weapon to generate extremely high percentage monthly return and you should arm with this skill.

We're going both way.

  1. The active way to make 20% monthly return in the bitcoin market

  2. While back it up with a secure system to make extra 8% to 10% a month in the US stock market.

It is not rocket science and literally everyone can do this especially for beginners who never trade before or novice trader who didn't see much success after trading for years.

How 20% a Month is very Achievable with Options Trading
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