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20 Agile Sprint Retrospective Formats (co-located & remote)

Everything you truly need to know about Agile Sprint Retrospectives plus 20 different practical retrospective formats
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The What, When and Why of Sprint Retrospectives
How to run a productive Sprint Retrospective
Top 5 Tools for holding Sprint Retrospectives
How to choose which format Retrospective to use
20 different visual Sprint Retrospective formats explanations and guidelines
Common mistakes to avoid


Maximum value for minimum time investment! Practical, condensed information saving your time - no time-wasting fluff!


The practical, no nonsense guide to engaging Agile and Sprint Retrospectives!

In this course you will get straightforward, condensed, practical knowledge on how to coach and facilitate a team to reflect, inspect and adapt in various ways. The 12th principle of the Agile Manifesto states that "At regular intervals, the team reflects on how to become more effective, then tunes and adjusts its behavior accordingly" and this course will equip you to achieve that.

Once completed, in less than an hour you will be able to hold an engaging Retrospective with an Agile team! Moreover, you will be able to address the advanced aspects of holding effective Retrospectives. The ability to provide variety to the team and the knowledge which Retrospective to choose in what situation is developed over a long period of time through practical experience. With this course, you will get all of this knowledge distilled and summarized for you! You will have 20 different formats in your arsenal along with situational recommendations!

This course is suitable for all levels, from aspiring to experienced Scrum Masters, for Project and Programme Managers, Agile practitioners, Agilists, team leads and anyone willing to learn how to professionally facilitate a Retrospective session in practice.

The suggested 20 Activities can also be used as team building and team bonding activities by non-Agile teams. The activities are suitable for both co-located and remote teams.

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20 Agile Sprint Retrospective Formats (co-located & remote)
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