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2-in-1 Film Set Studio Lighting for Budget Videography

Complete environment lighting tutorials for indoors and outdoors. Make "studio lights" for cheap and make better videos.
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beautifully light subjects indoors and outdoors

Video is now the world's number one method of communication.  It is estimated that the number of video cameras now surpass the number of people in the world.  Without a basic understanding of video cameras, you'll quickly be left in the dust.

This class is designed for someone who would like to take their photo/video more seriously without breaking the bank.  Maybe you have a vlog and you wish you didn't have to hire someone else to shoot it.  Maybe you just wrote your first short film and aren't sure how you're going to film it. Maybe you're looking to photograph some clean portraits.

Film Lighting on a Budget will not only show you which equipment to purchase, but it will provide you with 14 different professional looks, complete with examples and schematics for how to acheive each look.

In the Interior Studio Lighting half, students will:

  • Create a photo/video studio for under $65
  • Gain access to over a dozen informative PDFs explaining how to acheive professional looks
  • Learn lighting theory

The Exterior Location Lighting half will teach you how to:

  • Create beautiful outdoor footage
  • Utilize existing light
  • Properly position your subject
  • Make use of filters
  • Adjust camera settings for maximum dynamic range
2-in-1 Film Set Studio Lighting for Budget Videography
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