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1Z1-574 Oracle IT Architecture Essentials Practice Exam

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Sample Questions:

Which one of the following security strategies protects data in motion but does not address data at rest or in memory?

end to end security

defense In depth

per (motor security

cloud security

point to point security

ORA defines the concept of Data Grid. Which of the following is the most accurate definition of Data Grid?

A Data Grid is a cluster of databases providing scalability and high availability.

A Data Grid is a system composed of multiple servers that work together to manage Information and related operations such as computations in a distributed environment.

A Data Grid is used for data mirroring and data replication.

A Data Grid is a tool used to perform ETL (Extract-Transform-Load).

What does the Java EE Management Specification (JSR 77) provide?

a general mechanism for monitoring and managing Java resources

an internet-standard protocol for managing devices on IP networks

a standard model for managing a J2EE Platform; it describes a standard data model for monitoring and managing the runtime state of any Java EE Web application server and Its resources

a structured approach to monitor diverse and heterogeneous shared systems

Which statements are correct for service versioning within Service-Oriented Integration?

Only one production version of each SOA Service should be allowed. Multiple versions cause service sprawl.

Service consumers should be allowed to migrate to new versions of SOA Services over time as part of regular maintenance. Service consumers should be automatically migrated to new versions of SOA Services by using the mediation layer to perform any necessary translations or transformations

At most two versions of an SOA Service are allowed in production, one current and one that's deprecated.

The architecture must support multiple, concurrent production versions of SOA Services.

1Z1-574 Oracle IT Architecture Essentials Practice Exam
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