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1Z0-888 - MySQL 5.7 Database Administrator Practice tests

Practice tests for exam Oracle 1Z0-888 - MySQL 5.7 Database Administrator
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Have a better understanding on the type of questions that come for the individual exams
Be better prepared when taking on the 1Z0-888 - MySQL 5.7 Database Administrator Exam

This course contain 2 Practice test for Oracle Certification exam 1Z0-888 for MySQL 5.7 Database Administrator. The course contains only questions without explanation!!!

If you pass this course you should have a very good chance to achieve the Oracle Certified Professional MySQL 5.7 Database Administrator certification.

Exam Topics

Installing MySQL

  • Install MySQL

  • Identify installed Files and Directories

  • Understand Initial Configuration

  • Start and Stop MySQL

Configuring MySQL

  • Understand Server Options, Variables, and the Command Line

  • Define Option Files

  • Use System Variables

User Management

  • Identify MySQL Privilege System

  • Create and Modify User Accounts

  • Configure Passwords and Account Expiration

  • Create Roles

  • Understand Authentication Plug-Ins

  • Grant Permissions

  • Reset a Forgotten Root Password

Maintaining a Stable System

  • Define Stability

  • Use Capacity Planning

  • Troubleshoot

  • Identify the Causes of Server Slowdowns

  • Describe InnoDB Recovery

Backup Strategies

  • Understand Backups

  • Create a Backup Strategy

  • Use MySQL Backup Tools

  • Define Raw Backup Methods

  • Explain Techniques that Use the Binary Log

MySQL Architecture

  • Understand How MySQL Processes Requests

  • Explain How MySQL Stores Data

  • Use Tablespaces

  • Identify Redo and Undo Logs

  • Define How MySQL Uses Memory

Monitoring MySQL

  • Monitor MySQL with Log Files

  • Monitor MySQL with Status Variables

  • Monitor MySQL with Performance Schema

MySQL Security

  • Identify Security Risks

  • Understand Network security

  • Use Password Security

  • Explain Operating System Security

  • Protect Against SQL Injections

Optimizing Query Performance

  • Identify Slow Queries

  • Understand the EXPLAIN statement

  • Work with Indexes

  • Use Index Statistics

Configuring a Replication Topology

  • Replicate Conflicts

  • Explain Replication

  • Configure Replication

  • Use MySQL Utilities

  • Identify Replication Threads

  • Monitor Replication

  • Troubleshoot Replication

    If the exam will in local, there access to paper and pen, the trick remains the same, read the question and draw a rough architecture and focus on the areas that you need to improve. Trust me, you will be able to eliminate 2 answers for sure and then need to focus on only the other two. Read the other 2 answers to check the difference area and that would help you reach to the right answer or at least have a 50% chance of getting it right

Exam Details:

Duration: 120 Minutes

Number of Questions: 75

Passing Score: 58%

1Z0-888 - MySQL 5.7 Database Administrator Practice tests
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