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1z0-809 Java SE 8 Programmer II practice exams

Pass the 1z0-809 certification on the first attempt. 85 questions
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This exam is validated against Java SE 8.

OCPJP (1Z0-809) covers advanced topics (Generics and collections, I/O fundamentals, File I/O, Concurrency, JDBC and if its JAVA 8 then it will have Lambdas, Streams and Date & Time APIs)

Part One | Class Design

Encapsulation and Immutable Classes, Inheritance and Polymorphism, Inner Classes, Interfaces, Enumerations,

Part Two | Generics and Collections

Part Three | Lambda Expressions

Part Four | Streams and Collections

Streams, Iterating and Filtering Collections, Optional Class, Data Search, Stream Operations on Collections, Parallel Streams, Peeking, Mapping, Reducing and Collecting, Files and Streams

Part Five | Exceptions and Assertions

Exceptions, Assertions

Part Six | Date/Time API

Core Date/Time Classes, Time Zones and Daylight Savings

Part Seven | Java I/O

Part Eight | Concurrency

Thread Basics , Concurrency , Fork/Join Framework

Part Nine | JDBC and Localization

JDBC API , Thirty. Localization

*** This course does not content the study material. This course contains 85 questions ***

1z0-809 Java SE 8 Programmer II practice exams
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