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1Z0-1072-20, 1Z0-997-20, 1Z0-1067-20 | OCI 2020

Practice Tests for OCI 2020 Architect ​Associate, Architect Professional, Cloud Operations Associate
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Test Your Readiness For OCI 2020: 1Z0-1072-20, 1Z0-997-20, 1Z0-1067-20

1Z0-1072-20: The Oracle Cloud ​Infrastructure 2020 Architect ​Associate exam is designed ​for individuals who possess a ​strong foundation knowledge ​in architecting ​infrastructure using Oracle ​Cloud Infrastructure ​services. This certification ​covers topics such as: ​Launching Bare Metal and ​Virtual Compute Instances, ​Instantiating a Load ​Balancer, Using Advanced ​Database features (Dataguard, ​BYOL, Data encryption, RAC, ​and EXADATA), Advanced ​Networking Concepts, ​Architecting Best Practices ​for HA and Security, Identity ​and Access Management, ​Networking, Compute, and ​Storage. ​ This certification validates ​deep understanding of OCI ​services to spin up ​infrastructure and provides a ​competitive edge in the ​industry.

1Z0-997-20: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure ​2020 Architect Professional ​certification is the ​Professional level OCI ​Architect certification that ​serves as the next level of ​credential for those who have ​already earned an OCI ​Architect Associate title. ​You must have already earned ​the Associate level ​certification to qualify for ​this certification. An Oracle ​Cloud Infrastructure 2020 ​Certified Architect ​Professional has demonstrated ​hands-on experience and ​knowledge required to plan, ​design, implement and operate ​solutions on OCI. The ​abilities validated by this ​certification include:​ Plan and design ​solutions; implement and ​operate solutions;​ Design, implement and ​operate databases;​ Design for hybrid cloud ​architecture;​ Migrate on-premises ​workloads to OCI;​ Design for Security and ​Compliance​ Up-to-date training and field ​experience are recommended.​

1Z0-1067-20: An Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2020 Certified Cloud Operations Associate has demonstrated hands-on experience and knowledge required to Automate Cloud tasks, Tune Performance, Troubleshoot, manage cost, manage security and compliance policies, Monitor and Alert OCI, Implement Data Retention and Archival, create shell scripts with the Command Line Interface (CLI) and design Cloud-scale Agility on OCI.

1Z0-1072-20, 1Z0-997-20, 1Z0-1067-20 | OCI 2020
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