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1Z0-1050-20: Oracle Payroll Cloud 2020 Implementation (2020)

1Z0-1050-20: Oracle Payroll Cloud 2020 Implementation Essentials
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Payroll Concepts

  • Describe cloud Human Resources and the cloud payroll person models

  • Describe legislative data groups

  • Describe payroll statutory units

  • Create payroll users and roles

Payroll and Balance Definitions

  • Configure a payroll definition

  • Configure a balance definition

  • Edit payment dates

Earnings and Deduction Definitions

  • Create an earnings or deduction element

  • Explain the behavior of an element

  • Create element entry business rules

  • Configure an absence element

  • Add eligibility rules for an element

  • Create rules for retroactive changes

Payroll Payment Details

  • Add company payment details

  • Explain how to configure a payslip report

  • Add third-party payment details

Payroll Costing Rules

  • Describe the levels of a costing hierarchy

  • Set up a payroll cost allocation flexfield

  • Configure various types of costing

  • Perform a transfer to subledger accounting and a posting to GL

Employee Level Payroll Information

  • Add a standard earnings entry earning or deduction to an employee

  • Add bank account details for an employee

  • Enter payroll frequency details for an employee

  • Manage absences for an employee

  • Explain how to initialize payroll balances

  • Manage costing for a person

Payroll Flows

  • Copy a flow pattern

  • Edit a flow pattern

  • Define parameters for tasks within a flow pattern

  • Submit a payroll flow

Calculate, Validate and Correct Payroll Processes

  • Describe the Payroll Checklist

  • Verify the results of a payroll run

  • Correct the payroll run details for an employee

  • Submit and verify the results of the payment process

  • Confirm the status of the payroll flow

  • Verify the results of the costing process

  • Describe how to reconcile the payroll

1Z0-1050-20: Oracle Payroll Cloud 2020 Implementation (2020)
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