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1Y0-306 Citrix Access Gateway 4.2 With Advanced Control Exam

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Sample Questions:

Where an administrator can configure the endpoint analysis scan for an operating system?

In node scan endpoints Analysis

From the node rule OS

From the group of the scanning node operating system

From the political knot Operating System


Scenario: The password for the service account has been compromised. The administrator decides to use a new username and password for the service account. What are the two requirements to change the service account? (Pick one.)

The administrator must use the server configuration tool.

The administrator must use the Access Gateway Administration Tool.

All services must be manually stopped and then restarted again

The Suites at the console must be closed.

Scenario: Ken set up an Exchange Server and Outlook client to synchronize e-mail. Client devices using Microsoft Outlook 2000 running on Windows XP operating systems. The Secure Access Client is installed on all client devices. What are the two requirements to perform required configurations for this scenario? (Pick one.)

The administrator verifies that the client devices have Internet Explorer 5 or 6 with all critical updates installed.

The administrator verifies connectivity from the Access Gateway for Exchange Server on all ports that listens to the Exchange server.

The administrator grants the privilege Email Attachment Download for all users.

The administrator must create and configure a policy.

In the Access Suite Console, which steps an administrator needs to do to create an access policy that controls access to all visible servers and services on the network?

Select the appropriate domain from the domain and choose to make the criterion of the default authentication access to that domain.

Select the node Access Policy in the console tree and add all servers and services visible to the access policy.

Select the farm node and disable the application of network policies.

Select "Network Neighborhood" and select "Entire Network."


Together with Active Directory, which other two authentications may be implemented to provide strong authentication? (Pick one.)

Secure Computing

Safe Word Premier Access

Smart card

LDAP authentication

RSA Security Secur ID

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