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1Y0-259 4.5 Administration Citrix Presentation Practice Exam

Attend this 1Y0-259 4.5 Administration Citrix Presentation Practice Exam will get a Good Score 80% on Main Exam
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Sample Questions

Q) Before starting the application publishing wizard should be made to publish a package?

a) Schedule the deployment package to be installed.

b) Location of the package must be defined

c) The target server must be defined.

d) The package is to be added to the console Presentation Server.

e) None

Q) What are the two ciphers supported Citrix SSL Relay? (Choose two.)

a) COM

b) ORG

c) GOV


Q) When you configure the virtual memory optimization, it is better to adjust the optimization time ______________. (Select the appropriate option to complete the sentence.)

a) When an administrator manually control the process

b) that precedes reboot

c) high or maximum use

d) low or no use

e) None

Q) A recent web-based application is a Java applet to support sound interaction with other users. The program requires a virtual IP-address to function properly. Users run browsers successfully published; may, however, only the first user on the server to initiate the audio portion. Other Java-based applications on the same servers are working properly. Which option is best solve this problem?

a) Remove servers from the list of virtual Loopback and add them to read the new configuration.

b) Expand the range of IP-virtual IP addresses for additional users.

c) The correct path of the Java runtime for Virtual IP loopback.

d) Adding elements instead of directly to the control console registry to deploy a new virtual IP configuration.

e) None

1Y0-259 4.5 Administration Citrix Presentation Practice Exam
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