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1Y0-256 Citrix Meta Frame Presentation Administration Exam

Attend this 1Y0-256 Citrix Meta Frame Presentation Administration Exam will get a Good Score 80% on Main Exam
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Sample Questions

Q) Scenario: In recent weeks, the IT team Noneticed an increase in the number of Program Neighborhood shortcuts that remain on users' desktops when users are out of the Program Neighborhood Agent. What settings in neighborhood program locations can be used to automatically remove shortcuts created on the user's computer?

a) server settings

b) applications

Manage application shortcuts

Client Management Tab


Q) What two ciphersuites supported Citrix SSL Relay Service? (Choose two.)

a) independent

b) GOV

c) cipher Secure

d) COM

Q) What step should be completed within the wizard to publish applications for the publication of the packaged application manually?

a) Filter for the destination server must be enabled.

b) It should indicate the location of the installation files.

c) It must be chosen the name of the packaged application.

d) packing group should be established.

e) None

Q) The scenario: You set up a small farm of 10 servers running Presentation Server. Some servers are old models and new resources to the next level. Do you want to load balance sessions efficiently across servers, but do Nonet have the time to perform a detailed stress test. What a load evaluator you must attach to servers?

a) primary

b) Customs

c) Advanced

d) fault

e) None

1Y0-256 Citrix Meta Frame Presentation Administration Exam
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