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1Y0-201 Citrix XenDesktop Management Solutions Practice exam

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Sample Questions

Q) Citrix administrator updates Vdisk designated group of networking computers. What two steps should ensure receiving the administrator that the updated Vdisk, computer-related association? (Choose two.)

a) Vdisk update inventory.

b) Promote Vdisk to production.

c) Put Vdisk in private image mode.

d) Reconstruct the combined computers connected to Vdisk.

Q) Scenario: Citrix administrator receives complaints that virtual desktops are responding. The current media XenServer, consisting of a server that has two processors 16 and 96 GB of memory. Dynamic memory management is activated. Each virtual machine is assigned to 2GB of RAM and two virtual CPU. Currently, Wednesday 65 virtual desktops. To solve the problem that users experience the administrator can add additional __________. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

a) NIC

b) processors

c) storage

d) Memory

e) None

Q) Scenario: Organization has two portions XenDesktop. Each place has its own Delivery Controller. Users who connect to the report on the site that applications and desktops from a male and locations are periodically available. What action will be taken Citrix administrator to investigate this matter?

a) Add every delivery controller in the server list.

b) The use of ports for each XML delivery controller.

c) Creating a separate Storefront store for each XenDesktop site.

d) Add every delivery controller as unique types of delivery controllers in the receiver site.

e) None

Q) Scenario: A user can not create a virtual desktop through the NetScaler. Citrix administrator notices warning of the browser certificate section. What are the two possible causes of this problem? (Choose two.)

a) Certificate 3DES.

b) The certificate has expired.

c) The certificate is not connected to a root CA.

d) The certificate is not installed on the virtual desktop.

1Y0-201 Citrix XenDesktop Management Solutions Practice exam
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