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1Y0-201 Citrix XenDesktop 7.6 Management Solutions Exam

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Sample Questions

Q) Scenario: Citrix Administrator updates all the machines within the group delivery. After the upgrade, the application stops working. IT-manager informs the administrator to restore all the machines to the previous image. As an administrator should return all the machines to the previous image?

a) Selecting the "rollback machine" for the delivery group

b) When a picture associated with a virtual machine template

c) Selecting the "rollback machine" for the catalog Machine Session

d) Removing differencing disks of virtual machines in the delivery group

e) None

Q) Scenario: Citrix administrator creates a new desktop OS master machine images for the marketing team. Administrator attempts to provide 25 machines Desktop OS using Machine Creation Services, but the process fails. Which component of the administrator must grant permission desktop error in the preparation?

a) citrix Scout

b) Instruments hypervisor

c) The virtual delivery agent

d) End User Experience Monitor

e) None

Q) Scenario: The administrator configures Citrix Profile Management policy in the Citrix studio for members of specific organizational unit (OU). The administrator must make sure that the filter is properly applied to the newly created policy. How was it possible to make sure that the administrator has the right to use the filter?

a) Using the master simulation

b) Use of the template policy Compare

c) Running rsop.msc on delivery controller

d) Running Gpresult / v from the command line

e) None

Q) Scenario: A newly hired employees report that they can not connect to the machines Desktop OS. Some staff members have provided screenshots that show an error message indicating that no license is available. License console shows that all the devices / user license were identified. Three weeks ago, the company sold its subsidiary, freeing 100 licenses, so the IT team is confident that there is a license. What is the command-line interface utility should use the Citrix administrator to resolve this problem?

a) lmdiag.exe

b) lmdown.exe

c) udadmin.exe

d) lmadmin.exe

e) None

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