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Learn How To Buy Your 1st Rental

This Is A Simple Guide To buying Your First Rental.
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How to rent out a house fast
They will know who to market to find Deals at Disconnect.
You will learn how submit a offer
You will learn how to Deal with Contractors
We will tell you what paperwork you need
We will show you how to Estimate Repairs
What websites and tools to use

Learn Step by step in Detail how to locate,find,negotiate,submit offers,and Rent out your first Rental for Cash. I am A Real Estate Agent and Investor and I will be sharing with you ways to rent out houses faster and for more cash.Other course like these run for 200.00 + but you now have a chance to get it for a fraction of that price.I have spent thousands of dollars on Real Estate investing courses and I have rented out more then 12 homes.In this course you will learn how to come up with the money needed and also how to get around not having the money to buy your first rental.I will also go through what paperwork you need to submit a offer.I will then teach you how to close on the property and also how to rent out the house at a fair price and fast.I will cover how to market to find the best deals so you get a bigger bang for your buck.I will share with you the websites I use to help me rent out houses fast and with little cash involved.You will be shock at how much value you are getting for the price. 

Learn How To Buy Your 1st  Rental
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