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The Beginners 2021 Cyber Security Awareness Training Course

Learn to Spot Targeted Email Phishing, Social Engineering Attacks, Hacker Tactics, Browser & Mobile Threats & Much More
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You will be trained, on all the ways hackers can socially engineer you, at your work or home, through email, SMS text, phone calls, browsing, downloaded files, mobile phones, connected home devices etc
You will know the common human emotions that hackers like to trigger, to trick you into giving them access to your money, personal accounts, systems and company network
You will stop successful social engineering attacks, by spotting red flags in phishing emails, text messages and phone calls
Learn how to securely configure your browser to block malicious scripts, cookies, trackers etc. as well as maintain good privacy/anonymity on the Internet
You will be well versed on how to securely use Windows, Apple Macs, iPhones, Androids etc
You will be visually guided on how to effectively and efficiently manage all your passwords
You will be shown proven and effective cyber security software to keep your systems private and secure
You will confidently manage your emails, business files, computers, mobile devices and Internet browsing
You will feel safe, secure, and private on the Internet
  • Are you worried about hackers social engineering you for your sensitive files, emails, or access to your computer or network?

  • Are you scared your company passwords will be stolen?

  • Are you anxious about being a victim of identity theft?

  • Do you want to learn cyber security awareness and online self defense to protect yourself?

  • Do you want to be taught in an engaging, memorable  and effective way, how to securely manage all your sensitive emails, files, passwords, mobile phones, and browsing?

  • Do you want to know how, where, and most importantly why you would be targeted?

  • Do you want to feel safe, secure, and private on the Internet?

Then this is the PERFECT course for you!

And you are going to love it.

I designed this '1:M Cyber Security' beginners course for company employees, and home users, looking for engaging, memorable  and effective cyber security awareness training!

This course is designed to teach you the BASICS of cyber security awareness, social engineering, network security and online self defense, even if you have no IT / Cyber Security experience or knowledge.

What makes my course different, is that I speak passionately from the heart, using visuals, humor and storytelling throughout the training, to make it engaging, memorable  and effective! The training is literally 98% real world images and examples!

You will love watching the modules, because the curriculum is comprehensive enough to give you all the information you need to stay safe, secure and private on the Internet, and presented to you in a simple and entertaining way.

And while the content is presented in VERY simple terms, everyone, (even people with IT/Cyber Security skills) could learn from this course, because to be frank, ANYONE can being socially engineered these days (even including experts in the IT industry sometimes).

Furthermore, the entire time I was recording in studio, I kept thinking to myself “how can I make this material really fun and interesting??” I really tried to put myself in the mind of my students, so that I could present the information in a way that you would find interesting and engaging.

What students are saying about this course:


★★★★★  Engaging & interesting!

"This is the greatest Security Awareness training I have ever attended. The presenter made me feel like I was in the room with him. He was extremely personable and knowledgeable."  - Terrie

★★★★★ Great instructing!

I think...one of the best instructors I have found on Udemy. Good tone, easy to follow along. The presentations are visually appealing, superb body language and don't complicate things. Reza knows what he is talking about! - Nicholas


★★★★★  Fantastic course!

"The information presented, is clear, concise. Well thought out. The presenter is very knowledgeable and engaging in his delivery style. First class course." - Shaun



Very good material for beyond just introductory. There are a lot of quizzes which really are well thought out and challenge the thinking and the understanding. A huge amount of additional resources also accompany the material. - Harold


★★★★★  Incredible!

"A cyber security course that is IMMEDIATELY useful, and fun to watch!" - Andrew


★★★★★  Amazing course!

I have learned a lot and specially how to protect myself online. Great speaker with really good and catchy explanations! Recommended 100% - Ana



"Very excellent course. I will keep it close and watch over and over again" - Olukayode


★★★★★  Very relevant!

"I liked that there were screen shots of actual attacks, with the red flags highlighted as its being discussed." - Heather



"Extremely valuable information security course. Everyone should attend!" - Michal



"You do an amazing job of communicating technical content in a non-technical way. A participant could be 8 or 80 and the course material would be understood with your approach" - Richard


★★★★★  Highly recommended!

"A fantastic speaker and compelling material!" - Pedro


★★★★★ "Very informative course"

"Reza's style is very engaging and we also benefit from his decades long experience in the field" - Kaushik



"Brilliant course. Brilliant presenter." - Kevin


★★★★★  Sensational!

Provides very important tips. I recommend that everyone take this course. - Denis


★★★★★ Far more interesting than I expected!

"The instructor's knowledge and engaging manner added a level of entertainment. The flow and consistency made this an excellent training." - Jennifer


★★★★★ This was a great course!

"I learned a lot, was a good pace, excellent presentation by Reza and quizzes helped with enforcing the learning" - Lorraine



"The simplicity with which it is told is amazing "- Radha



"Explanations are crystal clear and concise. Information is presented in such a way that it is easy to remember. Instructor has a lot enthusiasm!" - Chris


★★★★★ Great content!

"A thorough but easy explanation that even someone who isn't tech savvy would understand. Thank you!" - Joseph



  • You will receive really engaging, memorable  and effective security awareness training!

  • You won’t spend hours looking at boring PowerPoint slides!

  • I intentionally cut out all the technical jargon, so that you are trained in simple plain English

  • Most of what you will learn can be applied both at home, and at work

  • This course is based on the real world, drawing on my 17 years of experience on the cyber front lines

  • I have successfully trained over 55,000 people in the past, with very positive feedback

  • You will receive a 50-page SUPPLEMENTAL TRAINING GUIDE PDF that has ALL the training material, and much more, written as notes for you to download

  • You will feel confident, and empowered to protect your personal, family and company data from the bad guys

  • And remember, if for any reason you're not happy with the course (which would make me sad!) you have a 30-day money back guarantee


This course has 40 brand new '1:M Cyber Security' training videos, covering over 29 cyber security subjects. It’s me in front of the camera, speaking passionately from the heart, and talking directly to you about the biggest cyber security threats facing you today.

It’s packed with the latest tricks hackers and scammers are using to social engineer you for your data, money and secrets.

You will start by seeing numerous VISUAL examples of targeted phishing emails, and be taught in detail how to recognize the major red flags, so that you can READILY detect these emails in the future.

Next we will cover some common ways that business and corporations are hacked and defrauded, via things such as malicious Macros, BEC Fraud scams, Ransomware attacks and more.

We will also cover social engineering attacks that use your mobile phone to trick you into paying money or giving your secrets away. You will also be presented with many different social engineering attacks on the Internet, so you can see how easily people can be preyed upon using their sneaky methods.

You will be shown how search engines such as Google are exploited for evil purposes. You will be taught what Banking Trojans are, a common type of cyber attack that effectively depletes your bank accounts of funds. Furthermore, you will learn about Fake Antivirus, a very effective and successful method of socially engineering people into handing over your credit card details.

You will understand why Apple devices can be secure most of the time, but can sometimes be JUST as insecure as other computers, as well as some general things you can do to protect yourself whilst using a Mac computer. You will become well versed in the general differences in security between iPhones and Androids, some of their main security features, how to avoid downloading malicious apps, and much more.

Then we will spend some time covering the major issues, as well as effective solutions, around password management and 2-Factor Authentication.

Next, you will be visually presented with the main privacy/security issues as well as solutions, when it comes to using browsers, and social media platforms such as Facebook. We will also be discussing how nation states have spread misinformation/false news using these platforms. Moreover, we will do a deep dive into the significance of Internet data privacy, the buying/selling of your private data, and the prevention of identity theft.

You will then be taught what encryption is, why it is so very important to enforce security and privacy, and common encryption solutions you can use both at home, and at work. You will learn all about the major security issues involving IoT 'Internet of Things' / home connected devices, and be visually guided on how you can secure your home devices and networks to keep the bad guys at bay.

Finally, we will review for you again all the great cyber security solutions presented in the training, plus even more cool tips 'n tricks on how to protect yourself when using computers, smartphones and the Internet.


I promise, that by the end of this course, you will  CONFIDENTLY, SAFELY and SECURELY manage emails, files, mobile phones, computers, and browse the Internet - both for yourself, your family and your company.

Enroll now! I can't wait to see you in the course...


The Beginners 2021 Cyber Security Awareness Training Course
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