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16 Most Useful Chinese Speaking Classes

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Most useful Chinese sentences and expressions in real life
Chinese culture in the language
How to start a conversation
Chinese Festivals
Chinese Dining Culture
How to end a conversation

In this course,We don't teach Chinese vocabulary, grammar.

We teach the most useful ,most popular Chinese sentences and expression.

The whole course is divided into 16 lessons, covering every aspects of the Chinese daily life.

  1. Lesson1-6 we talk about Conversational Chinese.

  2. Lesson7-12 we talk about Travel Chinese.

  3. Lesson13-16 we talk about Business Chinese.

All the sentences and expressions are come from real life ,not text book.

  • The course contains 16 times one-on-one assignment guidance which is the core part of this course.

  • All the assignments will be guided by Daisy Wang, using the "Purposeful Practice"theory from Professor Anders Ericsson.

  • All the assignments should be finished by your speaking, you should record it using your voice recorder or handphone.

  • We will give you elaborative feedback and correction.

The whole course has English,Pinyin,Chinese combined caption.

16 Most Useful Chinese Speaking Classes
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