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156-315.77 Check Point Certified Security Expert Exam - 3

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Sample Questions

Q) Which of the following statements accurately describes upgrade_export team?

a) It used mainly when updating security management server, Export upgrade preserves all database objects and configuration directories to import into the new version of the security gateway.

b) Used to update the security gateway, export update files that have changed in themselves, together, for example, in the directories / Lib and / Conf.

c) Updating the export is used to update the security gateway, and allows some files should be included or excluded prior to export.

d) update Export data stores network configuration, object, global properties, and database audit before upgrading security management server.

e) None

Q) What you should do before starting upgrade_export?

a) Running cpstop security gateway

b) Running cpconfig and establish yourself as a GUI client

c) Running cpstop security management server.

d) Close all GUI clients.

e) None

Q) Snapshot provides a full backup Secure Platform.The resulting file can be stored on servers or as a local file in /var/CPsnapshot/snapshots.How you restore a local snapshot with the name MySnapshot.tgz?

a) Expert As a user, type the command snapshot - R for recovery from a local file. Then, provide the correct file name.

b) As a user Expert, enter the command REVERT --file MySnapshot.tgz.

c) As a user Expert, commands such as instant -r MySnapshot.tgz.

d) Reboot the system and display the trigger menu. Selecting the Snapshot Management Options, select the expert password and select [L] to recover from a local file. Then, provide the correct file name.

e) None

Q) Your primary security management server runs on Gaia. What is the easiest way to create Security Gateway R76 backup configuration, including routing and network configuration files?

a) Using Gaia native backup utility from the command line or in the Web user interface.

b) With upgrade_export team

c) Execute the command pre_upgrade verifier and save the file * .tgz the directory C: / Temp

d) Copy the directory $ FWDIR / CONF and $ FWDIR / Lib elsewhere.

e) None

Q) You need to create a backup routing, interface, as well as information about the DNS configuration of your R76 Secure Platform Security Gateway. What is the backup and recovery solution do you use?

a) Secure backup utility platform

b) copies Guide directory $ FWDIR / conf

c) Database Revision Control

d) Teams upgrade_export and upgrade_import

e) None

156-315.77 Check Point Certified Security Expert Exam - 3
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