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156-215.71 Check Certify Security Administrator R71 Exam

156-215.71 Check Certify Security Administrator R71 Practice Exam || Get Certification
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156-215.71 Check Certify Security Administrator

Sample Questions

Q) Which of the following are external authentication scheme that are supported by R71? Select all the correct answers.

a) SecurID

b) Operating System Password


d) Check Point Password


Q) VPN routing provides a way of controlling how VPN traffic is directed. There are two methods for doing this. Which of these two methods will Route VPN traffic based on the encryption domain behind each Gateway in the community?

a) Dynamic Based VPN

b) Domain Based VPN

c) Static Based VPN

d) Route Based VPN

e) Routing Based VPN

Q) The default cluster administrator user name is:

a) Supervisor

b) Adminstrator

c) cadmin

d) Admin

e) clusterAdmin

Q) You administer a large, geographically distributed network. The Internet connection at a remote site failed during the weekend, and the Security Gateway logged locally for over 48 hours. It is possible that the logs may have consumed most of the free space on the Gateway's hard disk. Which SmartConsole application displays the percent of free harddisk space on the remote Security Gateway?

a) SmartView Tracker

b) SmartView Monitor

c) This information can only be viewed with fw ctl pstat command from the CLI

d) Eventia Analyzer

Q) A rule_______ is designed to log and drop nil other communication that does not match another rule.

a) Stealth

b) Cleanup

c) Reject

d) Ann-Spoor

156-215.71 Check Certify Security Administrator R71 Exam
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