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156-215.70 Check Point Certified Security Administrator Exam

156-215.70 Check Point Certified Security Administrator Practice Exam || Get Certification
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156-215.70 Check Point Certified Security Administrator

Sample Questions

Q) The R70 fw monitor utility is used to troubleshoot which of the following problems?

a) Phase two key negotiation

b) User data base corruption

c) Log Consolidation Engine

d) Traffic issues

Q) You are the Security Administrator for MegaCorp and are enjoying your holiday. One day, you receive a call that some connectivity problems have occurred. Before the holiday, you configured the access from the holiday hotel to your Management Portal. You can see and analyze various objects. Which objects can you create?

a) None

b) SmartPortal access is read-only

c) Network objects and services

d) Security rules only

e) Network objects, services and internal users

Q) A company has disabled logging for some of the most commonly used Policy rules. This was to decrease load on the Security Management Server and to make tracking dropped connections easier. What action would you recommend to get reliable statistics about the network traffic using SmartReporter?

a) Turn the field Track of each rule to LOG

b) Network traffic cannot be analyzed when the Security Management Server has a high load.

c) Configure Additional Logging on a separate log server.

d) SmartReporter analyzes all network traffic, logged or not.

Q) Which port must be allowed to pass through enforcement points in order to allow packet logging to operate correctly?

a) 514

b) 256

c) 257

d) 258

156-215.70 Check Point Certified Security Administrator Exam
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