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TOEIC Vocabulary Practice

Learn the skill ALL native English speakers know!
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The skill for understanding words without memorizing
  • Do you want to know more vocabulary?

  • Do you hate memorizing word after word after word?

  • Do you want higher test scores?

There are so many words in the English language. How can you memorize them all?

Use flashcards for every word? Write each word and definition over and over?

These practices do work—but are usually only effective for simple vocabulary tests.

What about reading comprehension—when you see the word in a paragraph?

Or listening comprehension?

What if there was a skill you could learn where you don’t have to memorize thousands of words?

A skill that all native English speakers know about?

Once you practice and learn this skill, you will instantly be able to know the meanings of vocabulary whenever reading or listening—just like a native English speaker!

The skill that you MUST practice is Context Clues.

Learning to look or listen around the word you don't know is how you understand its meaning.

It sounds simple enough—and it is—but it must be practiced. And that is what this practice test will help you with.

Once it becomes a habit, you will see your English skill improve dramatically!

We have been using this method in our academies with great results. And now we want to share it with you!


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TOEIC Vocabulary Practice
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