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Be Productive in your Life:Boost Critical Behavioural Traits

The key to success is to focus on goals,not obstacles. Opportunities don't happen. Your Leadership traits will speak.
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To understand what smart people do to be successful
How to deal with stress, fear and failure
How to deal guilt
To know your true self and to deal with Digital Life and Emotional Health
To gain the clarity needed to understand life’s situations.
To develop the instincts and skills to become a Happy being.
To know what you need to do at the time of uncertainty

I have spent 6 months to prepare this module. I have emphasized on how to get rid of stress from our life and which is doable.

This course will cover the following topics:


Dealing with Guilt

· Types of Guilt an Understanding

· Effects of Guilt

· Examples of Guilt and How to deal with them

Dealing with Stress

· How to deal with stress A Journaling way

· What Stress can do to you

· Looking Within

· Realistic Expectation

· Re~frame the Situation

· Sharing

Dealing with Digital Life and Emotional Health

· Emotional Health in Digital Space

· Paradigm Shift in our Life Digitally

· What has happened to us by adapting to digital life?

· What and How to do it


· Be Relevant Skill

Small things to Cherish

· Connecting with Nature

· Clean and Beautiful in what you do

· What would make you happy today

Feeling Lucky Gratitude Blissful

· How send a gratitude Note to someone you love the most

· Blessings List

Clarity in thoughts

· Awfulising

· Circle of influence

Habit of Journal Writing

· Understanding Parenting Leadership

· What one should write in the journal

· How to solve a Challenge

· Use Happiness Journaling Way

Dealing with Failure

· Dealing with Failures

Dealing with Time all the time

· Dealing with Time

· MUDA Delay

Understanding Happiness

· Circle of Happiness

· Happiness in Action

· Craze of Collecting Things A Happiness Dilemma

They ask these Questions to Themselves

· Asking Personal Question to yourself

· What is enough

· Why Skill

Managing Boss

· Manage Your Boss

Dealing with Uncertainty

· What If Skill

· Not Getting Things in Life

· Why Skill

Dealing with Self

· Adaptability Skill

· Core Competency Skill


You will be benefited from this course.


Kalyan Das

Be Productive in your Life:Boost Critical Behavioural Traits
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