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15 Speedy Math Tricks - Anyone can Master Mental Math

HACK 15 Mental Math Tricks in 30 mins / / Think 10^x FASTER, BETTER, SMARTER! / / ACE standardized tests- SAT, GRE, GED
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BLAZE thru the SAT, GED, GRE, PSAT, GMAT, ACT and admission/entrance standardized tests - FASTER!
Enhance MEMORY
BOOST your Mental Math
HACK Math Exams
SHARPEN Brain Synapses & Neurons
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MASTER tricks to become a maths GENIUS!

HACK 15 SPEEDY MATH TRICKS in this SIMPLE, and easy-to-understand 1-hour course (30 minutes to LEARN the tricks, and LOTS of PRACTICE videos with quizzes).

Do you want to...


  • Think FASTER

  • Think BETTER

  • Think SMARTER

  • make MENTAL calculations 10^x times faster!?

With this course, you will find exactly what you need to SUCCEED!

By the end of this course, you will have mastered these SPEEDY MATH TRICKS and will be confident to use them to solve Math QUICKLY.

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I designed this course for people with different Math's abilities, and it comes with LOTS of practice ACTIVITIES. 

15 Speedy Math Tricks can help:

  • ANYONE who wants to keep learning!

  • STUDENTS studying in schoolespecially for Competitive Standardized Testswhen TIME is SUPER important


    • School Admission / Entrance Examinations, Boarding School, and Placement Tests (ISEB, ISEE, SSAT, HSPT)

  • ANYONE to boost and sharpen your brain power - of ANY AGE!!!

  • you improve your math abilities

  • teachers, scientists, gifted math prodigies

  • you to impress your friends with your amazing and talented mathematical mind

  •  you prepare for the Math Olympics!

In this course, you will learn 15 Speedy Tricks for solving Math:

  •  (Trick #1) Forget the Zeros when doing math

  • (Trick #2)  Forget the decimal point when doing math 

  • (Trick #3)  Quickly Multiply by the number 4 

  • (Trick #4)  Quickly Divide by 4 

  • (Trick #5)  Quickly Multiply by 5

  • (Trick #6)  Quickly Divide by 5 

  • (Trick #7)  Square a number ending in 5

  • (Trick #8)  Quickly Multiply by 11 (for 2 digits)

  • (Trick #9)  Quickly Multiply by 25

  • (Trick #10) Quickly Divide by 25

  • (Trick #11) Quickly Multiply by 99

  • (Trick #12) Quickly Multiply by 101

  • (Trick #13) Quickly Multiply numbers whose difference is 2

  •  (Trick #14) Check sums

  • (Trick #15) Quickly Multiply  by 125

Over time you should notice an improved difference in the processing power of your brain!


Just click the red "BUY NOW" button, and you will be on your way to GET STARTED!

15 Speedy Math Tricks - Anyone can Master Mental Math
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