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15 Essential Biblical Texts

Bring deeper meaning to everyday life with this biblical study guide curated by Prof. N.T. Wright
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Gain wisdom for living from key biblical texts Prof. N.T. Wright has chosen to explain.
Engage with Old Testament and New Testament texts that provide guidance for life's problems and opportunities.
Embrace the nuances of important parts of the Bible from the life, experience, and scholarship of Prof. N.T. Wright.
Wrestle with questions that are paired with these Essential Biblical Texts to encourage thinking.
Help determine what actually is 'Essential' in life's journey.

No matter where we are on our spiritual journey, we all need guidance through life’s challenges. In this engaging video series, we invite you to explore the wisdom found in 15 key Biblical texts you can use to bring deeper meaning to your life.

Hosted by Professor N.T. Wright, this video series examines the impact each of these critical Old and New Testament texts had on his own life, and how the lessons contained within can help you improve your relationship with God, too.

15 Essential Biblical Texts
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