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13 Secrets of Pricing Psychology: Boost Your Profits Today

Learn how to use psychology to price your products & services effectively, in an easy to understand & practical way
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How to put the art of pricing psychology into practice and start selling more products
How to take your online store to the next level using suitable pricing strategies
How to structure your services so you gain more confidence in asking clients for money
How to implement contrasting tactics to see higher return on your marketing efforts
How to use discounts the correct way to aid you in profit growth
... and so much more!

Are you struggling with pricing of your products & services? Do you keep wondering, day and night, if a price tag of $49.99 would make more sense than $49 or $50 - and if such a small change could potentially impact your business revenue or freelance income in any way?

It can.

And that's why I've built this course, to remove this doubt from your life once and for all! Uncovering these secrets will help you to sell more products or get more customers – or both! By the end of the course, you'll master the art of pricing psychology that will help you to boost profits and you'll also gain more confidence in asking clients for money. All thanks to just few small, but game-changing, tweaks.

I'll teach you how to use timing tactics, upselling methods, price color strategies, suitable wording or what's the psychology behind various number sizes - and even how to remove customer's fear of paying plus so much more!

I prefer a straight to the point, no BS approach, so you'll be leaving full of great ideas & practical strategies in less than an hour! With today's hectic lifestyle, it's not always possible to commit for longer anyway.

What makes me qualified to teach you?

My name is Andy Turba and I'm a marketer & designer with years of experience in the field across various industries and companies. I've been exposing myself to different environments with the idea to gain as much experience as possible and now run my own marketing & design company.

During the years I've been implementing & tweaking marketing strategies across various companies, from 1 employee startups to multi-million market leaders. That included some major fails too, which allowed me to gather some invaluable data - there's lesson to be found in everything :)

Again and again, any company or country I worked in, majority of the discussions revolved around one topic - correct pricing of the products & services. After seeing so many people struggle and not being able to find the correct answers, it was time to take things into my own hands. I've started collecting all the tried and tested methods and eventually poured them into one place – and this course was born!

My Guarantee

I've built this course for people like you & me and as a full-time marketer, I'm available to answer any of your questions. Remember, never feel that your question may sounds stupid, this is a no judgement zone and we're all here to learn and improve! Feel free to post a question in the course, or contact me directly here on Udemy.

What topics will be covered in this course?

Lesson 1: The Power of Number 9

Lesson 2: Does Size Matter?

Lesson 3: Balance Is the Key

Lesson 4: Mastering Contrast

Lesson 5: Rounding Up + Impulses

Lesson 6: Word It Carefully

Lesson 7: Implementing Discounts

Lesson 8: No More Fear of Paying!

Lesson 9: The Number Games

Lesson 10: Timing Tactics

Lesson 11: Red, Black and Green

Lesson 12: Ascending or Descending

Lesson 13: Upselling Similar Items

... and I've even snuck up a little bonus lesson for those who get to the end.

Maybe you're asking yourself if this course really is for you?

Truth to be told, I'd do the same. Let me put my two cents in: If you're a marketer with years of experience from Asia owning a successful company or if you've just started on your marketing journey in America with empty hands, there's something for everyone, from any part of the world:

  • You may be running/have just opened a store on shopify, etsy, squarespace, wordpress or other...

  • You might be a freelancer offering design, marketing, SEO, web development or other services...

  • You may own a brick and mortar store selling clothes, furniture, jewellery or other...

  • Maybe you're a complete beginner who started just today...

  • Or an advanced professional looking for that extra edge...

No matter what industry you're in or what experience you possess, this course will help to get to the next level. And that's my promise – or your money back!

Thank you and I'll see you at the first lesson :)


Andy Turba

13 Secrets of Pricing Psychology: Boost Your Profits Today
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