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12 Technical & Business Writing Power Techniques for Success

Lift your technical and business writing to a new level of excellence by applying these time-tested power techniques.
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Students will be able to create much better documents that are easier to read, easier to understand, and easier to remember.

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Even in an age of video and multi-media, flawless and powerful writing is still essential and key to success in technical and business communications. 

Learn the top 12 power techniques of superior written communication taught by a Fortune 100 technical writer that applies to plain-written business correspondence as well.

When you finish this course you'll be writing with greater power and authority and be a better writer.

The course covers the following topics:

  1. Eliminate Common Grammar Errors   

  2. Eliminate Ornaments   

  3. How to Write in Action Units   

  4. Eliminate Variance   

  5. Eliminate “Should”   

  6. Eliminate Noun Trains   

  7. Eliminate Abstract Verbs and Nouns   

  8. Eliminate "IN" Phrases

  9. How to Reformat Text as a Table   

  10. How to Create Flowcharts   

  11. Eliminate Negative Writing   

  12. How to Write a Procedural Task

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No special software, hardware or Operation System is required to follow these 12 individual lessons designed to improve your written communications right away.

**** What Did They Say About This Course?

"This course was very informative and easy to understand. I enjoyed the instructor's teaching methods, which included lots of examples and practice activities after most lessons. I highly recommend to anyone looking to improve their tech/business writing skills."

-- Kenneth Rudisell

"Dr. Ugur is always a motivator to me. I have learnt from him so many things over his blogs and posts as well. This course helped me improving the writing the documents in a consistent manner and give the end users only the right materials for reference. I wish Dr. Ugur to make more videos and keep the good work going on."

-- Suma


>>> March 18, 2020

  • Free WEEKLY Q&A LIVECAST (on YouTube and Facebook) EVERY SATURDAY 9 a.m. EST

ADDED the following NEW QUIZZES:

  1. Eliminate Common Grammar Errors

  2. Eliminate Ornaments

  3. Write in Action Units

  4. Eliminate Variance

  5. Eliminate "Should"

  6. Eliminate Noun Trains

  7. Eliminate Abstract Verbs

  8. Eliminate Abstract Nouns

  9. Eliminate IN-Phrases

  10. Flowcharts

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12 Technical & Business Writing Power Techniques for Success
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