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12 Hacks to Aid In Your Quest to Discover How Great You Are

Discovering Your Greatness Will Allow a Life of Significance. It Requires Continual Review and Life Course Adjustments
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After completing this course you will look at your life in a totally different way. You will have a strong desire within you to make every day count for something good. You will look for those things in your life that are meaningless and learn to avoid them, concentrating on those things that add meaning to your life. Since your life is only yours then this course requires that you work to determine those things that bring meaning to you not things that bring meaning to those around you. Take the course and you will know what I mean.

Many people are afraid to go outside of their comfort zones and push themselves to do other things. One reason why is because they just don’t like feeling uncomfortable; as human beings, we like comfort and we like things that are familiar. We just have a tendency to avoid unfamiliar situations, partly out of natural instinct, and partly out of fear of the unknown. Another reason is that we are afraid that we will perform poorly at these new tasks and challenges we sign up or volunteer for, and as human beings, we are often fearful of performing poorly at tasks, partly because we are afraid we’ll get replaced by someone better in a work environment, and partly because we just don’t like performing poorly at something, as this brings down our self-esteem and self-confidence. A third reason is that, if we are performing poorly in front of others, we fear we may receive ridicule and/or criticism by them because we performed poorly in front of them.

To find your greatness, you need to overcome these fears and hesitations. It’s natural to feel these tendencies; even some of those who have done great achievements and accomplishments (i.e. found their greatness) have admitted they’ve felt butterflies or apprehension over trying something new, performing in front of other people, and/or just doing something different from what they are accustomed to doing. However, they found the courage and desire to overcome these fears and push themselves to do these different tasks and activities in order to expand their skill set, learn more about themselves, and determine where their true greatness lies. The key point is that, you can also do this; it is not limited to the successful or famous, as they were in a similar situation as you are now, just looking for their calling or greatness to help enrich their lives and enable them to provide the most value to the world.

There is much, much more so let's get started!   

Give this course the 30 day challenge - jump in and if in 30 days you aren't sure you want to improve then ask for your money back.  See, I am confident that if you just learn what you stand for you are on a path that will change you for the good.

12 Hacks to Aid In Your Quest to Discover How Great You Are
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