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11+ Verbal Reasoning Practice Tests

Practice timed 11+ papers to improve tests results.
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11+ Verbal Reasoning Practice Tests

Verbal reasoning practice tests assess children’s problem solving skills when working at speed, and also test how effectively they can process information. 11+ verbal reasoning exam papers are timed and usually last between 45-60 minutes. These test will help children to practise with timed 11+ tests.

These test will help children to

  • Process verbal information

  • Apply logical thinking and problem-solving skills

  • Find and follow patterns and rules

  • Determine word meaning

  • Apply basic maths skills

  • Work systematically and under pressure

  • Helps children familiarise children with a style of testing

These Tests cover following questions types:

Insert A letter : Find the same letter that fits into the two blank brackets? Same letter must fit into both sets of brackets, to complete the word in front of the brackets and begin the word after the brackets.

Code Matching: You are given four words and three codes. Each code matches one of the words, but they are not written in the right order. One of the words does not have a code. Your task is to work out the correct code for each word and then answer the questions that follow.

Letters for numbers: In these questions letters stand for numbers. you have to work out the answer for each sum and then find out it's letter as an answer.

Alphabet connections: Find the pair of letters that will complete the sentence in the best way. In these questions you have to systematically work out getting from one word to other.

Number series: Find the numbers that best complete the series. Challenge is to find out what pattern the sequence follows.

Balancing equations: Find the missing number to complete each sum. You have to find the number that will make both side of the equations same.

Odd one out: Three of the given words are related in some way. Pick out the two words which do not fit in with the other three. 

Complete the word: The sentence given will have one word (in capitals) which has had three consecutive letters taken out. Find the three letter word which would complete the word in capitals.

Hidden Word: In the sentence given a FOUR letter word is hidden between two words. The two words will always be next to each other. Find the pair of words that make the hidden word.

Letter Sequence: Find the pair of letters that will continue the series. This is a letter sequence, therefore the letters all follow a particular pattern. you have to work out that pattern.

Move a letter : Remove one letter from the first word and add it to the second word to make two new words.

Word problems: They usually take to form of some information expressed in words which the you must use to work out the answer to a questions. Mostly they are related to seating arrangement, directions, birthdays. 

Complete the sentence: In these questions you have to  find the two words, one from each group, that will complete the sentence in the best way.

Related word: In these questions, there are two pairs of words. Only one of the five possible answers will go equally well with both of these pairs.

Code words: In these questions, words have been written in code. You must work out the word or code which will complete the sentence.

11+ Verbal Reasoning Practice Tests
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