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10X your Startup Idea

A hands-on masterclass for creating a Lean Startup
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How to build a startup
Business idea validation
The Lean Startup way of building a business

Do you have an idea you think is great? 10X your odds of success with the help of a step-by-step guide. This course is not about you sitting and listening, it is about you actually building a business and starting a healthy cycle of 10X growth.


This course takes you through a five steps process that ends with you launching your first product. Every step ends in a checkpoint that verifies you are still on course of building something that will sell and make financial sense. We are all about making sure your plan makes sense before executing it - life is too short for building something no one wants.

- A refined business idea that solves a real problem, a viable business model that makes financial sense and a lean business plan to execute everything

- A deep understanding of who is your customer, what is it that you can help them with and most importantly how to communicate that to your customers (so that they will understand and appreciate it)

- Validated proof that your idea makes sense: your product is something your customers want to buy and you can reach the customers without spending too much on marketing

- A brand, positioning strategy and a go-to-market plan

- Your first product to kickstart your business (built with a shoestring budget)

- A workbook to document your plan and powerful templates for finances, market analysis, positioning and more

- support of our community of entrepreneurs just like you, going through the exact same steps


This course is designed for early stage startups and future entrepreneurs. If you already have an idea for a business, this course will help you get it to market. If you already have a an early stage startup going, this course will help you nail the basics that allow you to reach that 10X growth cycle. But it's equally ok if you don't have an idea yet, just an ambition to start a business - we'll help you create one

10X your Startup Idea
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