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Master Kotlin Android Retrofit PHP MySQL MVVM - Live coding a full app

Learn Kotlin Android, MVVM, Retrofit Multipart CRUD, PHP MySQL by creating a full app
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Kotlin Programming Language
Full App development

Do you want an engaging, highly practical course to help you achieve specific learning objectives? Well then this is the course you've been waiting for. We start by showing the app we are creating, it's functionalities and the concepts you will learn. 


Concepts You will Learn

  1. Full App android development with several pages.
  2. Kotlin.
  3. MVVM - Model View ViewModel.
  4. Retrofit - CRUD operations using Retrofit including multipart
  5. PHP MySQL Database usage with android.
  6. Capture Image from camera or gallery and upload alongside texts.
  7. Server side Pagination - implemented using load more technique.
  8. Offline LRU Caching using reservoir.

Code Quality

When choosing a course, it is important you ensure that high quality code is written. If that is not the case then you won't be able to customize the instructor's code and thus not advance as much as you like. We have carefully written and structured our code to ensure it meets high  and latest industry standards  while still being beginner friendly.

The code we write is:

  1. Super clean, commented.
  2. Understandable even by beginners.
  3. We name variables based on their usages hence making code readable.
  4. Testable - since we are using MVVM.
  5. Extendable - We decouple our code based on the recommended MVVM pattern.
  6. Up to date - We use androidx, kotlin and latest libraries.
  7. OOP - We take advantage of Object Oriented Programming principles to structure our code and reduce duplicates by employing inheritance.

Teaching Method

People learn coding by writing coding. Rather than just presenting you with ready made solutions and expecting you to figure the inner details, we design our courses to involve live coding. Thus you will be able to follow line by line. We explain each and every line, before and after writing it. We also have an emulator running such that you can see the results in the emulator as we code.

Master Kotlin Android Retrofit PHP MySQL MVVM - Live coding a full app
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