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108 Steps To Spiritual Awakening And Personal Transformation

Use The 9 Stages Of Transformation To Improve Your Mind, Body, And Spirit
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Tips and tricks to move closer to becoming awakened souls and beings

My name is Boom Shikha and I am the Millionaire Hippie. I have been on my own journey of awakening for almost 15 years now. When I first started, I was all alone. There was no one who was accompanying me on this journey. I began by reading hundreds of books, listening to audiotapes by philosophers and self-proclaimed gurus. I was about 21 at the time. I felt like there had to be more to this life then was prescribed to us by society and the media. My parents, my friends, my colleagues, were all happily coasting along without questioning any of the tenets of this society we were living in.

But I felt unsure. I wanted more. I needed answers. I created the Awakening Odyssey to be a source of answers, solace, and community for those like me, who are seeking more, seeking answers, and seeking companionship on this lonely journey. I hope that this space that I have created will give you the push to keep on going on this journey without feeling alone, lost, or lonely.

The beginning, first stage. We are still innocent, young-at-heart, interested in bodily pleasures.

The second stage. Beauty. We believe we are just a body and nothing else. Work it!

The third stage. Foodie. Get in my belly. All we care about is sensuality.

The fourth stage. Worker. Obsessed with productivity, and getting more done.

The fifth stage. Lover. Loves everything, and everyone. Here and there and everywhere.

The sixth stage. Scientist. Exploring not only the world, but our place in it.

The seventh stage. Questioner. What is energy? What is life? Why am I here?

The eighth stage. Meditator. Meditating to get behind the illusion of maya.

The ninth stage. Awakened. Is this the end? No. There is never an end to learning.

When we go through a journey of awakening, it seems to us that we are going to be a terribly transformative and sometimes painful journey. But to others, looking at us, from the outside, everything seems exactly the same. I hope you enjoy this journey that I have created for you, and that you are able to gain consciousness and spiritual, physical, and mental benefits from it.

108 Steps To Spiritual Awakening And Personal Transformation
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