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The Beast Training Program for Advanced Strength

Learn up to 10 exercises using 100lb Dumbbells for the most advanced weight lifters, body builders, and other beasts!
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Understand up to 10 exercises using 100lb Dumbbells
Visualize how over 100 reps with 50lb dumbbells look
Clearly demonstrate how to add in conditioning with strength

This course is for the beast like man, warrior, and hardcore weight lifter.  This program is an advanced fitness program because only 100lb dumbbells are used.  Recommended 5 years of weight training experience and the ability to lift 100lb dumbbells is needed. Some of the beast like exercises are deadlifts, squats, carries, overhead holds and more.  

This program is dedicated to the gym rats, bodybuilders, and hardcore athletes that understand what it means to lift heavy.  The coolest part is that you can go through these workouts and make several programs in circuit format, drop set, or whatever you like.  You are a beast you decide!


The Beast Training Program for Advanced Strength
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