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1001 Cisco CCNA Exam Questions

Exam Style Prep Questions for the CCNA/ICND1/ICND2 Exams
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Cisco CCNA/ICND1/ICND2 Exam Question Skills

The average student takes three attempts to pass the notoriously difficult Cisco CCNA exam. At $325 per attempt, that’s almost $1000 (not including the cost of your textbooks or video training).

It’s no surprise when you see what’s involved in the exam. You have only 90 minutes to answer 60-70 tough configuration and troubleshooting questions about routing protocols, IP addressing, IPv6, network security, cloud computing, WAN protocols, BGP, QoS, Spanning Tree and a host of other protocols and services. You also have two or three very tough hands-on tests to solve.

Where most students fall flat isn’t failing to study enough, it’s lack of exam question preparation. Exam preparation involves applying your knowledge to challenge questions where you have to fill-in-the-blank or pick the correct answer from single and multiple answers. This is where you actually learn to apply your theory to solve problems. You simply can’t pass your exam until you master this skill. Most IT students never realize this and are doomed to failure.

You are NOT ready to take the actual exam until you are getting 95% or more in your practice exams. This is where 101 Cisco CCNA Exam Questions will make all the difference. We use two of the best selling Cisco CCNA study guides on the market as a base to test you on every possible syllabus subject you could face in the exam (you can use your own study guide for reference though). The two study guides are:

  • Cisco CCNA Simplified

  • Cisco CCNA in 60 Days

In these 1001 exam questions you will really help drill down your knowledge so you master all the subjects long before you walk into the exam room. You pick apart every major exam topic until you are more than ready come exam day. Most of the questions come with explanations and more details so you can use it as a valuable study too along with your study guide.

These questions will help you pass the following exams and have been updated for 2019:

  • 200-125 CCNA

  • 100-105 ICND1

  • 200-105 ICND2

We’ve broken the exams into ICND1/ICND2 in case you want to take the two exam route. If you are taking the CCNA with one exam, then use all the four exams before you take the Cisco Exam.

Let our Cisco experts help to prepare you for your Cisco CCNA exam. We’ve been working in and teaching Cisco since 2002 and we know what works. Drop us a question in the student area and we’ll be happy to help you.

We will update the questions whenever Cisco updates their syllabus.

1001 Cisco CCNA Exam Questions
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