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10 real-life short stories in Chinese, Pinyin and English

All the stories were written by John Wang. They came from John's real life, so they are more practical and useful.
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I am John Wang, a professional Chinese teacher. I have been teaching Chinese for about 13 years now. Most of my classes are one on one and small groups. So I really understand besides the textbook, what do the Chinese learners really need when they want to improve their Chinese.

That’s why I published these 10 short stories here. They all come from my real life. These are lively real Chinese. I tell these stories at two speeds, normal speed and slow speed, so you can understand them easier. You can read the stories with Chinese characters, Pinyin and English. The course will help you more than you would expect.

Stories in the course:

  • No.1: It's really hot - Chinese listening - two speeds

  • No.2: Peaches and pears - Chinese listening - two speeds

  • No.3 The story of Chinese cabbage | Chinese listening | Two speeds

  • No.4 Chinese women like WHITE | Chinese listening | two speeds

  • No.5 Panda or chest hair | Chinese listening | two speeds

  • No.6 Thai student part01 | Chinese listening | two speeds

  • No.7 Thai student part02 | Chinese listening | two speeds

  • No.8: Double Eleven | Chinese listening | two speeds

  • No.9: My Son | Chinese listening | two speeds

  • No.10: Freelancer | Chinese listening | two speeds

I put all these stories here, just want to help more Chinese learners like you to improve faster and understand something a little deeper behind the language. Then you will understand the Chinese language better. I am always motivated by my students who get improved by my courses. This is where my energy comes from.

Why not join the course right now. Improve your Chinese now!

10 real-life short stories in Chinese, Pinyin and English
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