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100+ Manual Test Cases- Interview Preparation

2020 The Best Effective Testcases- job is Ready
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At the end of this course, students will be able to understand how to write the TestCases
*****At End of this course student will become a expert for writting effective Testcases****
Complete knowledge on test cases preparation process starting from requirement gathering

When anyone is working as a Tester in any industry, his dream may be how he became a “Great Software Tester“, for that the tester has an eye for detail. But at the same time for having a good tester you have to write effective Manual Test Cases. So, for writing an effective Manual Test Cases, the tester should have both talent and experience.

When it comes to writing the Manual Test Cases, some testers feel it is a boring job, but from the test cases, we can know what to test and how to test. So writing good test cases is a valuable asset to the organization, improve the productivity of the team and help your organization to create quality software

100+ Manual Test Cases- Interview Preparation
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