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10-Finger-System quick course - improve your writing!

10-Finger-System - learn to write more efficient and faster than before!
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Write more efficiently and faster with 10 fingers.
Focus on the actual work in addition to the writing.
A new typing system.
Getting fun out of typing by constantly improving!
Type up to 4x faster than before!
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In this course you will learn the 10-finger system and how to use it. In concrete terms, this means that you will learn a new way of writing on the keyboard, a better and faster way than the one you may currently be using. However, this also requires that you be willing to practice and adapt. You will be able to concentrate on more important things besides typing and - even if it doesn't seem like it at first - eventually you won't have to think about what you are typing. You will learn how the system is built and why it gives you such a strong advantage, because you can really type much faster with this system than without it. In addition, you'll no longer have to stare at the keyboard and rush to find a key according to the Eagle Search system. You may even find yourself enjoying typing and the speed you achieve - at least that's how I feel. However, with this course you should pay special attention to practicing a lot and regularly and also to be aware of what you are practicing, because this way what you have learned will reach your subconscious faster and at some point, as already mentioned, you won't have to think at all about which letter you are actually typing with which finger. Instead, this happens all by itself!

10-Finger-System quick course - improve your writing!
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