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10 Educational and Fun Agile Games for Agile Teams

A practical toolkit for facilitating 10 educational and fun Agile Games for co-located and remote Agile Teams.
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What are Agile games
Why Agile games are important
How to select an Agile game
10 educational and fun Agile games
Common mistakes to avoid


Maximum value for minimum time investment! Practical, condensed information saving your time - no time-wasting fluff!


Do you want to introduce your team to Agile in an effective and engaging manner?

Do you want to make your team more productive while boosting team morale?

Are you looking for diverse team activities, suitable for both co-located and remote teams?

Are you a Scrum Master looking to expand your toolkit?

Then this course is for you!

Transition to Agile is not a change you can implement overnight. It requires an entire shift to not only the way your team works, but the way they think about their work. That’s where agile games can help.

They’ll introduce your team to agile, without overwhelming them right out of the gate. Some of the benefits of playing Agile games are

  • greater familiarity with Agile,

  • increased engagement and enthusiasm,

  • improved creativity and problem solving,

  • better team cohesion.

This course offers 10 different Agile games which are educational and fun and can be played by both co-located and remote teams. Each game is presented with its learning objectives, so that you can choose the right game for the right situation and goal. They will boost your team's knowledge, morale, camaraderie and collaboration and will set you up for success via application of experiential learning.

Enroll now and learn how to invigorate your team along with reaping the business benefits of playing Agile games!

See you in the course,


10 Educational and Fun Agile Games for Agile Teams
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