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10 Days Of Mindful Awareness Meditation Vipassana

10 days guide to learning more about yourself through meditation in vipassaana style
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In these 10 days you will learn more about yourself than ever before
You will learn how to meditate properly to develop Self-Knowing in the most efficient way
You will learn a Vipassana based meditation technique

An Enlightening 10 Days Journey Into The Self
In these 10 days, you will be taken on a journey deep into yourself - To discover the person behind the personality. You will learn ways to uncover who you really are, your deep desires, your fears, and the cause of your unhappiness and the ways to transform it through meditation

A Journey For Everyone
This course is suited for beginners up to advanced. You will be guided to understand the most efficient way of meditating to get the most out of your practices so that you can develop the confidence to continue with the practice after the 10 days - Which is when your journey will really begin.

Good Luck
Good luck! And if you have any questions feel free to leave a question or message me. But always remember to trust yourself first, see that I am only a guide guiding you to become your own teacher, the master of your mind.

10 Days Of Mindful Awareness Meditation Vipassana
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