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1 Hour to A More Meaningful Life

How to Find Your Life Purpose So You Can Live a Life of Significance
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After completing this course you will look at your life in a totally different way. You will have a strong desire within you to make every day count for something good. You will look for those things in your life that are meaningless and learn to avoid them, concentrating on those things that add meaning to your life. Since your life is only yours then this course requires that you work to determine those things that bring meaning to you not things that bring meaning to those around you. Take the course and you will know what I mean.

Success, like happiness, is an individual pursuit. For years, we have been taught that success is all about making a lot of money.

That is also what we have inadvertently taught our children and in turn, they too will pass on this folly to their children. You might

never have heard your parents speak about success but isn’t it

true that they often encouraged you to become a Lawyer or Doctor, long before you were old enough to know what you are

good at?

Why do you think this is the case? The prominence associated with these jobs may only be part of the reasons we subtly push

our children in that direction. But for the most part, it is the money that they find attractive. Even if they or their children are

accomplished within their respective areas of expertise but are struggling financially, they find it hard to regard this as success.

The result of this kind of narrow-minded thinking is a society of people who are unhappy, depressed or underachieving because

they are stuck in a career they hate or miserable because they can never live up to the unrealistic expectations set for and are

being forcefully imposed upon them. Just think about all the wealthy celebrities you know that have committed suicide or are

fighting hard to recover from a drug addiction.

What is so important to each of us is to determine what gives you life meaning and then pursue that almost at all costs.  It can be done and we will discover together how you can create and then excel with a meaningful life.  The life you were meant to live.

1 Hour to A More Meaningful Life
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