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0 to HSK 6 without a teacher

How to go from being an absolute beginner in Chinese to passing HSK6 without ever having a Chinese teacher
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Work their way through the 6 levels of the HSK exam without teachers or Chinese classes
Find-out how to get off to the ground in Chinese learning
Prioritize what needs to be learned at which stage of the journey
Improve reading to the point that you are ready for the HSK6 exam
Make any native speaker or more advanced student your perfect teacher
Prepare for and pass all levels of the HSK test by yourself

This course shows students how they can become fluent Chinese speakers and pass HSK exams through self-study.

  • Learn effective and efficient methods of studying Chinese without attending Chinese classes
  • Save yourself hundreds of hours and hundreds of dollars by avoiding beginner mistakes many Chinese learners make
  • Identify the perfect first 3 months of Chinese study
  • Identify and prioritise the areas of Chinese that are most important to you
  • Recommendations on the most useful study resources for Chinese learners
  • An overview of the HSK exams from someone who has been through them
  • Make a faster and less painful route through HSK exams
  • Minimise preparation time for HSK exams
  • Learn how to make any native speaker your perfect teacher
  • Learn the benefits of language exchange sessions and how to perfect them
  • Around 5 hours of video
  • This course only uses video lectures
  • This course aims to be a guide that Chinese learners can return to at different stages of their language learning journey

The course is comprised of 31 lectures, of between 4 and 15 minutes, that range from getting started as a Chinese learner to how to prepare for and pass HSK level 6. If you are dissatisfied with the progress you have made in learning Chinese, with your experiences in Chinese classes or don't know how to become a confident Chinese user this course will set you on the right track.

0 to HSK 6 without a teacher
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