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The Ultimate DOTA 2 Support Role Course

Draft the perfect support, dominate your lanes and support your carry players by any means necessary.
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Choose which support heroes suit your style and when to draft them.
Claim victory in your lanes by exploting your early power-spikes.
Make proper use of key support tools such as Wards and Smokes.
Internalize the philosophy of a great support player: the needs of the team always come first.

Your team needs a silent hero, someone to provide vision, set up ganks, and do all of the ugly things that must be done to ensure a clean victory. The catch is that you will seldom get recognition for your efforts, nor will you claim the spotlight as your team's star player. Welcome to the support role!

This course aims to teach you:

  • How to dominate the early game while you are at your most powerful
  • Which enemy heroes to gank and how to orchestrate a gank
  • How to quietly carry your team with properly placed Wards and effective Smokes
  • How to fine-tune your carrys lane to maximize their farm via pulling and stacking neutral creeps

The support hero pool is one of the most diverse of all the roles. Dazzle is renowned for his life-saving ability, Shallow Grave. The likes of Shadow Shaman and Jakiro make for powerful pushing heroes. Lion boasts an extremely powerful single-target nuking ultimate, while Earthshaker favors sweeping team fights in which his area damage can come into play.

Your coach in this course is Save, a player with thousands of support games to his name at dizzyingly high ranks. Save excels at some of the most mechanically challenging support heroes in the game, like Io, Tusk, and Earth Spirit.

Be the hero your team needs, even if not the hero they deserve! Be a support.

The Ultimate DOTA 2 Support Role Course
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