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The Ultimate DOTA 2 Offlane Role Course

Master the offlane role, the hardest lane in the game and home to some of the most impactful heroes.
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Choose which offlane heroes suit your style and when to draft them.
Master the art of soaking experience while not dying when heavily out-numbered in your lane.
Disrupt enemy pulls to sabotage their lane equilibrium to your benefit.
Master your power-spike timings and know when to fight.

The short lane. The hard lane. The suicide lane. These are just some of the alternate names used within the community for the offlane.

The offlane will usually pit you alone against two (sometimes three) enemy heroes. Surviving such a lane (while accruing at least some farm) will require of you a superb level of awareness, knowledge of creep pulling, and how to disrupt enemy pulls, as well as a great deal of patience.

This course aims to teach you:

  • What makes a great offlane hero and when to draft them
  • How to manage creep aggro to pull the lane into a safer position
  • How to recover from a rough start to the game, which will often be most games

Offlane heroes tend to boast at least one of two characteristics. Heroes like Tidehunter, Bristleback, and Axe are extremely durable, able to soak far more punishment that most other heroes in the earlier stages of the game. Other offlane heroes tend to be escape artists, toting one or more abilities which can dash them out of harm's way should they find themselves in danger. Heroes with such escape tools are Phoenix, Batrider, and Dark Seer.

All guides in this course have been reviewed and cleared by professional player and coach, SMD, who also happens to be our Udemy instructor for the Carry Role Course!

The offlane takes no prisoners. Will you step up to specialize in the suicide lane?

The Ultimate DOTA 2 Offlane Role Course
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