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The Ultimate DOTA 2 Carry Role Course

Carry your games via good itemization, awareness, and the ability to choose your fights strategically.
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Choose which carry heroes suit your style and when to draft them.
Understand when to retreat, fight, or focus on farming gold in your carry games.
Master the art of forcing your lane opponents out of lane in the early game.
Identify when pushing the lane for objectives is more important than passively farming gold.

If you like powerful items, lots of gold and team fight domination, then this course is for you!

The carry role brings with it great responsibility, for it will often fall on your shoulders to secure victory for your team as the game reaches its climax. You will also require patience and awareness! No carry hero begins a game of DotA 2 readily strong - quite the contrary! - so picking your fights strategically is of the utmost importance.

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Know whether you are ready to help your team fight, or avoid conflict in search of more gold
  • Master creep pulls in the safe lane to deny the enemy offlaner precious farm
  • Know when split-pushing is your best option
  • Crush your enemies in decisive late-game team fights

Carry heroes come in many forms, and all have a massive impact in the late-game. Clinkz is a hyper-aggressive carry hero with an emphasis on rushing around the map on a constant hunt for lone enemies to slay. Medusa is the opposite, favoring extremely slow games which give her time to farm the items needed to become one of the hardest carrys in the game. Some carry heroes excel at rampaging through enemy towers while others are natural fighters.

Your instructor in this course is player and coach, SMD, author of hundreds of DotA 2 guides on GameLeap. SMD has been an authority in the carry role for years, and now brings his experience and knowledge to this course to jump-start your journey as an effective carry player.

In many games, your actions alone will clinch victory or incite the sting of defeat. Will you carry or throw?

The Ultimate DOTA 2 Carry Role Course
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