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Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Practice Test for Certifications

Appear for GB Exam with Confidence | 2 Practice Test Papers in the Exam Format | DMAIC Lectures | Six Sigma Case Study
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Prepare and Become Confident to clear Global GB Certification Exam
Evaluate yourself with 2 Practice Test Papers of Global Leader's GB Certification Exams
Learn about DMAIC Phases and deliverables
Understand application through full fledged DMAIC Case Study

Many who aim to get professionally certified by a global leader in Quality Improvement & Standards have to appear for their GB Exam and have to put in hours of preparation. In spite of this, are they confident? Answer is 'NO'!

There are some Very Important Certification Exam Preparation Tips:

  1. Understand if you are eligible for GB certification. Minimum requirements for certification varies across bodies.

  2. Understand the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Body of Knowledge (Syllabus) in detail.

  3. Study work - Depending what is convenient to you, either choose to e-learning courses, class room courses or text books or combo. There are many options for this. 

  4. Spend quality time to understand the concepts first. Try to apply it to different scenarios that you encounter at work or in daily life

  5. Get a good hang of the DMAIC framework of Lean Six Sigma - Phase wise deliverables, Tools used and benefits

  6. For each tool you learn, understand the following : What is the Tool, Why is it used, When is it used, Who uses it, How is it used, What are the inputs and What are the outputs, Pros and Cons

  7. Remember that questions are at different levels for different topics and they test to knowledge based on Bloom's taxonomy. Understand Bloom's levels and its mapping will be given in each topic of BoK

  8. Collaborate or seek opinion from friends or acquaintances who appeared for exams to learn from their experience, but for subject matter knowledge always rely on Study Work Resources.

Ironically, being an open book exam, professionals preparing for the exam are unclear if they have covered everything.  There's always a doubt on what else should i learn?

That's why this course has 2 Practice Tests of 100 Questions each. They are aligned global certification body's GB BoK and the difficulty levels are aligned as well.

When you register for this course, you will get:

  • 2 Practice Test Papers in right format of the global certification body

  • DMAIC Lectures

  • Six Sigma Case Study

  • Exam Preparation Tips

You can appear for the exam with confidence!

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Practice Test for Certifications
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