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Abundance - How to get Happy Healthy & Wealthy with EFT

Break through your psychological barriers to Health Wealth & Happiness with EFT a simple technique that changes lives
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Discover how a simple looking tapping technique can change your life
How to attract all those things that have eluded you in the past Health, Wealth Happiness
Overcome hidden psychological barriers that have been holding you back
Bonus mp3 Downloads of the EFT Sessions for ease of access

How to get Happy Healthy & Wealthy with EFT

EFT was initially developed by Gary Craig as a easy to learn and apply therapy self help tool, but now you can learn to EFT Emotional Freedom Technique  to hidden psychological barriers to you getting what you really really want.

Abundance is having more than you need of what you really want and now you are about to learn a technique that will destroy the hidden psychological barriers to all your desires.

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to get so much more out of life with very little effort or why some people seem to have more luck or the Midas touch.

The answer to the above is in the subconscious mind and the barriers within that part of your mind, now while everyone is different and may have different desires for abundance, this does not matter because at a subconscious level once the hidden emotional barriers are eliminated you will begin to notice more opportunities, this is not a law of attraction course but a course in opening up your awareness to what has always been there.

So how does EFT work to make this happen well as I have mentioned EFT started as a therapy self help tool, so for example if EFT is used to help someone who has a fear of dogs that person who has a fear of dogs sees more dogs or sees a dog before anyone else who has no fear of dogs and when EFT has been applied enough that person will not only have no fear of dogs but will not notice dogs in the same way as when they had that fear.

So what happened when someone has a fear of dogs the subconscious mind tunes into actively search for any dog to keep them safe and once it finds a dog it sets of the fear alarm in the body of the person, but when therapy with EFT is successful dogs become unimportant so the subconscious mind has no need to be in this protective mode.

Abundance and how EFT is going to help you get more, EFT will break down the hidden psychological barriers to you getting more abundance of what you really want and once these barriers have been removed your subconscious mind begins to seek out a search for opportunities in the same way it did to keep that person safe from dogs only this time discovering many opportunities you always missed that were under your nose.

Course Structure:

  • Welcome to your Abundance with EFT Course

  • Where EFT points are and how to tap

  • EFT breathing exercise a new way of measuring your progress

  • 8 Rounds of EFT focusing on ideas and thoughts that may be blocking your abundance of health wealth and happiness

  • Each round of EFT above has a downloadable PDF and MP3

Bonus EFT Sessions for getting what you really want

1. EFT Tapping Points Instructions pdf

2. Anxiety session mp3

3. Release negative beliefs that sabotage your abundance mp3

4. Motivation For Success Hypnosis mp3

5. Emotional First Aid on Tap pdf

6. EFT Abundance for what you really want mp3

Abundance - How to get Happy Healthy & Wealthy with EFT
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